Growers Checklist

If you're like me, you've wondered about growing your own. Trust me, it's both fun and challenging. 'Weeds' is a great show, but they don't mention the countless hours of cleaning you have to do. Here is my actual checklist for a medium size (8 light flower room) 'personal' grow. I'll post a cheat sheet too (I made amazing shit). You're welcome.


Daily Grow Room Checklist:




-Check all your lights, timers, and power. Make sure everything is working properly and safely.

-Make sure your bulbs are burning bright and do not need to be changed out(every 4-6 months

is best). Check to see if your bulbs and hoods are clean and clean them accordingly.

-Check your light's distance from your plants so they are getting proper amounts of light but

not getting burned. 12 -36 inches from canopy.

-Make sure all electrical cords are all plugged in completely.




-Check your hydroponic system to ensure the pumps are working and your plants are being fed.

Check timers and power heads.

-Check the H2O levels in the reservoirs. H2O evaporates, not the nutrients. To maintain a

consistent mix add only H2O.

-Completely change out water and nutrients every 2 weeks!

-Check reverse-osmosis machine to make sure it is properly working.


pH levels


-Check pH levels in the reservoir/nutrient solution, making sure it is as close to 6.0 as possible.

-Monitor the EC(or ppm ), aka the strength of your nutrient solution to make sure it is correct.




-Keep daytime temps at 75°F(23.8°C). Nighttime temperature should stay between about 68-

72°F(20-22.2°C). Too cold or too hot can severely stunt growth, or even kill your plants! Keep

these ranges will ensure your fastest, most abundant growth with the least problems. At night

your temperature can ideally drop by 15°F(-15°C), and even up to 10°F(-12.2°C). BUT NO MORE

THAN 90°F EVER! This will slow your growth greatly. So daytime keep the temperature 70-

75°F(21-23.8°C), and at night 60-70°F(15.5-29°C).




-Airflow. Make sure all fans are working correctly and air is being pulled properly.

-CO2. Make sure system is running properly at the proper environmental levels

-Check any air odor elimination systems. Carbon in filters requires changing every 6-8 months.




-Clones- 95-100%

-Vegetative growth- 60-70%

-Flowering- 40-50% Maintain levels with hydrometer




-Make sure the plants are moving a little bit and getting a nice oscillating breeze.




-CLEAN UP YOUR GROW ROOM! Clean floors, pots, any visible debris immediately.

-Rotate(turn) your plants each day. This will ensure they get maximum light exposure. Also

check for dry pockets and water accordingly.

-Check for pests and fungus or any other plant diseases/abnormalities and handle accordingly.

Pests usually hide on the back side of leaves

-Check the leaves surface as well! Especially check for spider mites under your leaves. These will

make little webs.

-Make sure everything is working.


Weekly Grow Room Checklist:


(Including everything you should be doing daily)

-Make a supplies list so you never run out of important supplies.

-Fill your reservoirs(filling may need to be done more than once a week).

-Air Ventilation/Circulation.

-Check soil for dry pockets, water as needed.

-Rotate (turn) plants.

-Check pH.

-Check for fungi, nut deficiencies, and other plant problems (especially spider mites under leaves).

-Check grow area for mold.

-Clean floors/walls with soapy water, lights, equipment with mild bleach solution to disinfect.

-Alternate applying sprays. Use an alternating mix of neem oil, horticultural oil, homemade

garlic/tobacco spray to plants. It will keep pests in check and alternating will prevent pests’ immunity

-Use sulfur burner

-Turn off all vent and oscillating fans. Turn on burner for 2 hours. This will fill the room

with sulfur which kills Powdery Mildew which is constantly present in the air


Monthly Grow Room Checklist:


(Once a month schedule a thorough cleaning. This is the time when you should clean up and

sterilize your equipment and grow room.)

-To be done in conjunction with Flower room Harvest


-Organize and clean rooms, pick up any loose tools or anything else

-Clean your trays, pots, etc to avoid nutrient buildup

-Change reservoir formula

-Flush your mother plants with a gallon of plain water

-Dust light covers