Eight Ways to Celebrate 420 (Pandemic-Style)

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With the Coronavirus pandemic still restricting the way we travel and gather, you might need to celebrate 420 a little differently this year. But that’s okay!

We have compiled a list of great ways to observe the high holiday from the comfort of your home.


Go Big

April 20th is the perfect day to enjoy a holiday-sized treat. And after a year of social distancing, you owe it to yourself. 

Feel like pushing your limits a bit? Order some king-sized paper and an eighth of weed to roll your-self a shotgun joint. 

More interested in edibles? Celebrate 420 with some special brownies or a holiday cake. Spend the morning baking the treats with friends, and then use the rest of the day to lounge away while you indulge. 

Up for a challenge? See if you can hotbox your entire apartment or a whole portion of your house.


Celebrate 420 with Friends Over Zoom

Maybe you video chatted with grandma for Thanksgiving or wished someone a happy birthday over Zoom in the past year. 

Well, now it’s time to celebrate your own holiday. Check-in with your stoner buddies on this fun day so no one has to celebrate 420 alone.


Take a Hike

Maybe you want to get a different type of high and take in what nature has to offer. 

Head out to a park or nature reserve. You can socially distance and enjoy a joint while appreciating the beauty of nature. Be sure to pack a nice lunch to satisfy those munchies and give you energy for the day.


Get Creative

Maybe you have taken up a new artistic pursuit during the pandemic like writing, sculpting, or music. Celebrate 420 by introducing a little weed into the mix and see where your creativity goes! 


Get Romantic

Have you and your partner tried any cannabis-infused massage oils or lubes? They contain ingredients that relax blood vessels and encourage arousal and orgasm. They can be especially fun for women, but everyone will feel the rush when using these topicals.

Not interested in a new lubricant? 420 is the perfect occasion to experiment with other things. Maybe you and your partner can feed each other some chocolate edibles while chilling in bed.


Educate Yourself

Learn about pot science from the podcast Brave New Weed. You can also learn about the history of pot use and the origins of 420 in the Rolling Stone magazine online archives. 

Ready to hear from some minority voices? The Dope Girls Zine provides an excellent platform for women and LGBT+ pot connoisseurs. The documentary Grass is Greener discusses the relationship between weed and Black music and describes how criminalization has disproportionately impacted minority communities.


Do Something Good

Celebrate 420 by making the world a better place. Now that you have learned how the War on Drugs is a symptom of racial injustice, find out what you can do to advocate for legalization and other worthwhile causes. Many non-profits still provide remote advocacy opportunities for people ready to volunteer their time.


Treat Yourself (or a Friend)

The high holiday is a perfect occasion to try a brand-new strain or a luxury product you have had your eye on. Maybe you’re curious about topicals or rosin or another new method for consuming and enjoying weed.

Try out something new, or help a friend celebrate 420 by sending them a gift of your current favourite!


Want to Celebrate 420 in Style? Cheeba’s Has You Covered  

Make sure you are well-stocked with high-quality products this 420. Don’t let the pandemic get you down. With awesome flower, pre-rolled joints, edibles, topicals, Cheeba’s can help you celebrate 420 this year.

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