Choosing A CBD Product: What You Should Look For

Decide What You Want CBD For

Whatever your motivation for seeking out CBD, you’ve probably heard of its healing properties by now. But it’s important to pin down a specific reason for choosing CBD before making your purchase. Research has shown that CBD might help with things like pain and anxiety, but some products target specific areas more effectively. 

Let’s say you suffer from deep pain and anxiety—in this case, you might want to look into choosing inhalable CBD products. You could also seek out ingestible oil drops that you can apply directly to your tongue. In any case, the health benefits of CBD are plentiful, and there are many things it’s been known to treat, according to Very Well Health

Ultimately, it’s up to you, but know that the delivery method can affect the time it takes for the medicinal benefits to kick in. 


Types of Products 


A straightforward way to take CBD is as a pill or soft gel, which are the most common forms of CBD products. Choosing CBD in pill form is a lot like taking an edible, as it’s processed the same way in the digestive tract. The popularity of CBD pills has much to do with the fact that they provide the most accurate doses. 


Edibles are orally consumed CBD-infused products but are a bit more diverse than capsules. Edibles come in all kinds of products: baked goods, candy, drinks, etc. While edibles are enjoyable due to their many delicious flavors, they’re also considered the strongest. It’s best to start microdosing with edibles to establish a good pace. 


Topicals are a type of product you apply directly to the skin, like lotion. Once used, the hemp within the cream or oil is absorbed directly into the skin and treats various ailments from anxiety to superficial pain. Topicals come in a variety of skincare products and creams. 


Oils can be applied topically as well or orally consumed if prepared properly. Sublingual consumption and food recipes for edibles are also options. This versatility is part of the appeal of both oils and tinctures. However, the difference between oils and tinctures is that oils suspend the CBD extract in a carrier oil, while tinctures are pure CBD concentrate. 


Vaping CBD has become extremely popular due in part to its ease of use and portability. Using special oil, vaping delivers CBD more quickly than any other method. The CBD oil is heated from a coil that vaporizes it, making it easy to inhale. 


What to Look For

If you’re looking for CBD products meant entirely for medicinal purposes, it’s best to look for a product that is pure CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC, is the psychoactive compound with which people typically associate cannabis, and it needs to be considered. CBD on its own has no euphoric or intoxicating effects, and a 1:1 CBD and THC ratio could eliminate any psychoactive reactions. 


It’s best to get advice from the budtenders at Cheeba’s. We can hook you up with the best CBD products for whatever health concern you may have. So, if you’re choosing CBD, choose CBD products from the experts. 

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