Buy Weed Online

I know it may seem sketchy at first, but online dispensaries are the new way to go. The selection you can choose from is better than anything on the blackmarket- it’s even better than a physical store! You have a wide selection and can research products at your own pace.

Let’s not forget about the convenience of ordering weed from you phone then having it delivered to you a couple days later. There’s no need to look for someone with a connection for shitty ditch weed, you have access to premium marijuana from BC- and lots of it.

Most clients prefer to order in bulk- to save on shipping and a lower price per gram. We recommend ordering enough for a month and reordering when you have about a week’s amount left. This overlap has shown to eliminate those crappy days when you run out and have to scrape the bowl…no one likes having to do that

Cheeba’s is a tax-paying company that wants to develop long term relationships by providing fast service and a great product. We operate discreetly and have no plans to sell your information or bother you with endless emails. Give us a try and order when you need to. Know know where to find us.