Bud VS Concentrates

Out the gate i have to tell you I prefer smoking buds over any other forms of marijuana. The ritual of smoking a joint between friends is the best. The rolling and busting are all part of the experience. That and the fact I know when I’m baked.

Concentrates are in their adolescents. Manufacturers go by traditional extraction methods, as well as trying to stay on the cutting edge. And believe me, this is high science. The research and facilities dedicated to mastering concentrates of all their stripes is on par with pharmaceutical companies. Progress has been made, but you must still proceed with caution.

Much like edibles, shatter, butter, hash oil, THC extracts etc. vary in potency. Partly due to different production methods, different strains, plant quality to name a few, this problem is still not fully resolved.

Let’s not forget about how we consume it. Dab rigs, vape pens, hot knifes, oil papers- whatever you use all determines your high.

I do not know the right answer for anyone- hell, I barely get it right myself most times- but I do know starting small and understanding your batch is the most important thing you can do. Concentrates are serious business; very effective when used correctly. Take the time to test it out and understand your limits.

Enough with the warnings- shatter is awesome! It is super convenient if you have a vape pen with a proper battery. The high out of a modified bong is insane! Say goodbye to the rest of your day.

You don’t smoke the plant matter of weed. while cannabis does not harm your lungs, the act of smoking the dried flower does equal intaking tar. You aren’t going to repave the driveway with it, so relax. Studies have shown no link to marijuana smoking and an increased risk of lung cancer.

It’s a tough call- nostalgia and familiar versus potency and convenience. I kick it old school- someone pass me a light!