White Wedding


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Product Description

Great nose on this White Wedding strain!

This is a perfect batch of white wedding. From one of our top growers, the first thing you'll notice is the intoxicating aroma of sweet citrus vanilla with a spicy pine hit. Everything about this strain rocks.

High levels of THC in the 23%-26%, give off a full-body tingle while your mind and body are stimulated. The high is happy, easy-going, and euphoric from start to finish. While being deeply calming. This has camping and friends all over it. Kick back and relax for hours and let the day slide by with a smile on your face.



William broad 2022-08-27 04:58:53

Billy Idol song was start the coke habbit this weed way better as roasted accuracy on scent is amazing non tokers would enjoy the scent of the bag the white x wedding cake finish with honeymoon kush it's moon drops x suites falls

Roasted 2022-07-27 07:03:04

This stuff has one of the strongest terpenoids stench I have ever waifed on a weed bag. It smells like pine sole! In a good way. The buds are dense nuggets that need good scissors to choirs up. It is properly cured so it smokes perfect.