White Truffle


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Product Description

White Truffle - Indica dominant hybrid

So you saw the sexy pictures of this beautiful weed and want to know more. Us too. We have carried this beauty once before but this is a different grower and oh boy we are happy we have been introduced to this grower. A Picture says 1000 words, or so I'm told. Dark purple covered in crystal, light airy buds.

White Truffle is an Indica-leaning hybrid with a bit of a mysterious origin. Let's stick to what we know. The bud is beautiful and covered in trichomes, bursting with color, and is considered a top strain, and not to be missed if you can find it. This is a quick-hitting head high that makes the smoker happy and energized with a calm mind and a completely relaxed stress-free body. The aroma is an earthy, noticeably fresh citrus kick. Very pleasant.

The effects last a long time, consider letting some time pass before going back.