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Weed Candy

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What is Weed Candy?

Weed candy is a fun way to enjoy the effects of marijuana without smoking. Like pot brownies, weed candies are types of edibles — food infused with cannabinoids that produce a high.

Consuming weed gummies, lollipops, and other sweet treats produce similar effects as smoking a joint. If you don’t like to smoke but want to get in on the fun, these are an easy way to use cannabis.

However, these candies take longer to kick in than smokable marijuana. New users must remember to be patient before downing another gummy bear, or they could overdo it.

All of Cheebas’s products are meticulously measured out. Be sure to read the packaging so you know how much of a dose you have taken.

Types of weed candy

Weed candy comes in all shapes and size, including:

  • Lollipops
  • Lozenges
  • Gum
  • Gummies

Hard candies are an all-time favorite marijuana edible. As you suck on a lollipop, it starts to dissolve in your mouth, and your body begins to process the cannabinoids. These are the substances responsible for the high from marijuana. With hard candies, the cannabinoids are absorbed slightly faster than other edibles. The chemicals first enter your bloodstream through your mouth and then from the stomach.

With candies like gummies, most of the absorption happens in the stomach and intestines. This is why the weed gummies, chocolates, and baked goods, take longer to bring on a high compared to inhaling the smoke from a joint or bong.

Benefits of Weed Candy

Many marijuana enthusiasts love the high caused by cannabis but don’t like choking down thick smoke or carrying around a dab rig. Weed candy is a discrete, smokeless way to enjoy marijuana that manages to taste good!

Weed candy contains all the same active ingredients as the raw flower, just wrapped in a sugary package. It’s ideal for people who don’t regularly consume marijuana, and it’s perfect for curious first-timers ready to give it a try.

Because the body processes cannabis differently when ingested, people often feel a much slower, full-body high with weed candy. This sensation is perfect for mellowing out after a long day.

Cheebas’s candy edibles are professionally made with precise measurements, so you can keep track of how much THC you’ve consumed. This is especially important for infrequent or new users who may not be sure of their preferred amount. Knowing just how much you’ve consumed means less risk of overdoing it as you explore your limits.

A gentle build-up, a discrete delivery method, and a delicious taste all make weed candy a perennial favorite among marijuana enthusiasts. If you haven’t tried an edible — or if you haven’t tried what Cheeba’s offers — there is no time like the present to sample our stock!

Why Buy Weed Candy at Cheebas?

Making weed candy is the kind of thing that is easy to explain and hard to perfect. If you’ve wasted good ingredients trying to make edibles on your own, check out what Cheeba’s carries. Our products are specially chosen to make sure you get the taste and the high you demand!