Washing Machine Hash by Hash Assassins

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Washing Machine Hash by Hash Assassins

These new additions are going to be a treat a real, no-BS treat. Like many artists, our hash guys live for their craft, and getting the hash or their art from their hands to sell is never easy. They have been holding on to these beauties for a year not willing to let them go. Expect a smooth mature aromatic smoke that delivers on all senses.

Washing Machine, the flower is said to be recommended for experienced smokers only due to the high THC levels. After only the best of the pant is harvested and then put in the hands of our hash artisans this creamy, sticky gorgeous hash packs a real punch, start slow with this one.

The Washing Machine high flows over you like a rinse cycle, seeping into your very bones with a tingly body high that's hopelessly relaxing and sedative. As your mind falls further and further into this warm state of calm, you'll experience a slight increase in creativity that encourages colorful thoughts and ideas.




Captain Smog 2024-02-22 05:34:31

I can’t believe there’s still no other reviews for that product! It’s texture is soft and creamy, very similar to the GMO Cookies from Tegridy, and it pack quite a punch! It is a heavy couchlock, but not a sleep friendly one. More of a chill gaming buzz. I like to try strains with a weird name and this one is quite a find!