Top Gun Import Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Top Gun Import Hash

Top Gun Hash is a powerful, high-quality hashish made from a special blend of imported Afghan and Bangladeshi cannabis strains. It provides a smooth and balanced smoke that is both uplifting and relaxing. The effects are powerful and long-lasting, with an intense body buzz that can help to soothe pain, reduce stress, and provide an overall feeling of well-being. With its strong aroma and flavor, Top Gun Hash will leave you feeling energized Top Gun Hash is a connoisseur-grade.

Its unique production process involves carefully harvesting and sifting through the finest buds and trichomes, resulting in a soft, golden-brown color.



Chopin 2023-10-13 08:57:31

I whas smoking top gun in 1970 it was great this one is the same awsome buzz & taste love it