Tayir Mahib

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Tayir Mahib or Majestic Bird in English

Cheebas is going old school and is stocking the shelves with names you have not seen. Tayir Mahib is a true Afghani Import. The hash is on the hard and dense.

The aroma is a light floral, vanilla spice with diesel undertones. Medium brown but will darken as the brick is broken up and crumbles easily. However, if you like to enjoy the hash this seems to work. It is a more mellow high that builds to a solid all-over body buzz that is relaxing but not couch-locking.

Perfect for long chats about life with your best friends.




Paul Snelgrove 2024-01-15 10:29:39

Sry guys u waht honest opions dudes all 4 those new hash are fakes have zero taste of old school I've been smoking royal 00 amd gmc Moroccans 1 yr now those real deal hash those ones are domestic my opion or very commercial import the one actuly serpent bullets taste like what we called in 90s keif hash not to mistaking fot keif to make good hash this shit makes it taste like wood this brought me bavk to 1990 but nor good way lol bur man I've bought 50 kinds this first no like so don't judge the conpsjy there fucking amazing for tracking all these down there madhouse 2018 is real deal afgan primo