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Product Description

Looking to get more high from vaping? Are the disposable vapes and the standard vape carts not doing it for you? Then check this out, the new eCig vape juice infused with 1000mg THC (in a 10ml botle) from QNTM is what you're missing!

The smell during exhale is masked by the potent flavouring- this is the ultimate option for discreet smoking. You can have your regular vape with your regular pull that smells like mangoes...

Be careful with smoking! not to sound like your parents, but you need to regulate your intake, don't treat this like a nicotine vape unless you want to be in a coma.

Mixed with organic MCT oil, this juice will be able to be smoked from a standard nicotine vaporizer. The liquid is more viscious and is able to pass through the nicotine'll be able to turn up the battery for a huge pull, or down for a smooth hit. Whatever you want, this THC eJuice will fit right in.