Strawberry Banana


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Product Description

Mellow Indica leaning hybrid AAA Grade

We don't usually do the grading thing, but calling it a good AAA is about right. It's hard to come up with interesting comments for every strain that comes up. We just hit this in the work bong and all three of us just said, 'yep, it's good shit' and kept working with a quiet focus.


A nice strain for lounging around, one big hit got us nicely cooked, but not too baked. It's not a high like a sativa, but a mellow indica that's slow, but won't stop you from doing stuff :)

Try Strawberry banana for a strain that's not too strong, but very well grown. Trust me, hit it twice and you'll wake up on the couch in the morning.




Adam 2018-12-11 11:35:27

A great high with a little bit of couch lock at the end. Will buy again!