Silver Surfer


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Product Description

New from our craft master growers friends out in the BC Kootenay's. If you're reading this you're the lucky one, because these strains are even more beautiful than the area they come from. As small-batch growers, the product can't be beaten but the inventory goes in a minute. Treat yourself today.

Silver Surfer is a strain of uncertain roots but is believed to be a combination of Super Silver Hash and Blue Dream. A Sativa dominant hybrid with strong cerebral effects and will give off an energetic and motivating experience that is perfect for getting things done on that never-ending to do list we all have. That is the Sativa side first but ends with a relaxing Indica high. This is a strain that does not mess around and can easily be too much for the inexperienced user.



WeedWizard 2021-03-04 05:19:22

This is High Test.. High Throttle weed. This one revs me up and gets me going .. As long as you smoke in wee amounts. Pull too much and it smacks ya on the face like ya bin hit by a shovel..

Supernatural777 2021-01-19 11:26:35

Instant boner! like a fluffed porn star! This could replace Viagra like a femme to review Aroused I get some x but this was thankful skip the 4play it was more silver haze for me the dream gave me Blu creativity recommend Quad essential strain government should cover lol Ty big x rebuy

Squiddo 2021-01-15 11:37:23

I got one of my co-workers out of service with that one... Taste is 90% blue dream, 10% super silver haze, 0% hash plant. Good sativa rush while the 0.4 g spliff is still burning. Soooo, If you are looking for something that will bash your face, I would recommend the help of Mr Silver Surfer.