Rockstar Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash

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Product Description

Rockstar Strain Pressed Bubble

This is the best of two worlds. Rockstar is a loved to go to indica dominant weed known the world over for its strong hard-hitting effects. Then the best of the plant is stripped out in an ice bath, flash frozen, and screen sifted so there is no plant material just the delicious trichomes. Then finally made into to pressed concentrated hash. How can you go wrong?

The hash is slightly sticky, will bend, and bend does not crumble. The aroma and high are intense. If you have smoked the rockstar strain it is this on steroids. This will creep over your body, leaving you completely relaxed in every muscle and completely couch-locked in a state of bliss.



Uncle Bingo 2023-08-08 11:06:34

Anonymous taste and subtle on smell but potent. Creeps up and seriously couchlock's you.

Cookiesbgood 2022-11-02 06:36:04

Description is dead on, Kings Crown light. Great smell and taste when vaping.

OldTimer71 2022-11-18 06:43:36

Crumbly and soft, exactly as pictured, like a pressed bubble hash. The smell is strong and spicy. Reminiscent of the regular hash I've smoked in the 80's, smells like an import but it's locally-made. Like the King's Crown, it's definitely high-quality base materials with no junk added. The description is accurate. Slightly over-priced imho but not by much. Just wait to get it on sale as they come on regularly. Hopefully, this will be a regular item on the line-up and not just a limited-run. It stands up very well alongside the King's Crown. I ordered 14g and received 14.3g, which is often the case with Cheebas as they tend to round up to make up for any possible shrinkage or maybe they just want to make their customers super-happy :)