Pink Bubble Gum


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Product Description

Pink Bubble Gum

This rare indica-dominant hybrid strain (65% Indica/35% Sativa) was created by crossing Indiana bubble Gum with Pink strains. Perfect for anyone who appreciates great flavor and long-lasting effects, Pink Bubblegum combines the best of both of its parents for one hell of a ride.

The high like the flavor and aroma sparkles with full-bodied effects. A super sweet fruity fresh aroma with a perfect hit of earthiness greets you the second you open the bag.  The high starts with a lifted euphoria that tingles its way through your mind and head, leaving you feeling happy and at ease with the world around you. As your mind soars to new blissful heights, a deeply calming body high will settle into your limbs, eventually leaving you couch-locked and immovable but happy.