OG Kush


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Product Description

Hard to imagine Cheebas has never had OG Kush on the shelves. For all those who have waited and love the strain that became the go-to weed the world over and was used to create so many other strains, enjoy.

The notes are diesel, skunk and spice buds are medium-sized buds and the smoke is known to be classic indica, and a little on the harsh side. With THC levels kicking around 20-25%.

While the smoke is classic indica the high starts as a cerebral high bring focus and a boost in mood. Since this is balanced you don't need to worry about anxiety or a racing mind. This is great for social settings and early evening.




Kimberley J 2022-04-05 01:06:46

Awesome product for the price! Great for fibromyalgia nerve pain. Excellent at numbing nerves along the spinal column.