Miracle Alien Cookies 7g Herban Legends


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Product Description

Herban Legends - Miracle Alien Cookes in the Can Collection is here.

Hybrid | approx 22% THC | 7 Grams | Guaranteed Fresh

When only the best bud will do turn to our can collection. Miracle Alien Cookies has quite the story if you care to do some reading. Romantic stories of where it came from and fables of the journey here.

MAC is also how this strain is known, but whatever you care to call it or believe once you enjoy this beauty you will be calling again. Known for dense medium-sized nugz, and top-shelf potency. You will be sucked into this high quickly where the focus goes out and you enjoy the sweet dank layers of earthy cheese. You might even believe the romantic stories that go with it.



OldTimer71 2021-10-05 01:34:50

Another winner, thanks to the growers who so obviously took care in producing this. The flower tops were perfect (three beautiful tops) and weighed in at higher than the advertised weight, bonus! The smell, moisture level, smoke, buzz were all perfect for me. It's expensive, but you get what you pay for. Will buy again.

Joe Namath 2021-06-14 09:31:35

Wicked smoke! I love this strain, I can smoke it during the day or night...just the right level of potent- strong but not knock me out for the rest of the day sort of strong