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Product Description

Megalodon is a powerful new sativa perfect for those looking for potency without the burnout. Excellent for daytime use Megalodon is a cross of Great White Shark x White Widow x Snow white.




scronman 2020-05-09 07:38:34

you need a lot more of this, f#$%^n awesome

Mario 2019-09-21 12:37:18

Megalodon is everything cheebas says it is and more, great buzz, workable buzz, a little harsher than a good smoke but it makes up for it in smell look and taste

Supernatural1971 2019-09-03 06:08:51

Worth the weight since Feb. Taste GWS 9 High from WW & Snow white 10 Love this 3 way Sativa Dom Gem of weed! Nice big g Caked had 2 bowls of kief from it Yahoo Will buy more of this! Mix with Moby Dick for a whale of a time 29.3% THC Like to try Snow white on its own or This wood make great bubble, 120 micro sift hash Hint Hint!

NewfoundlandMan 2019-06-24 02:10:29

I agree with "mani"...this Megalodon has a "bite" to it and is not to be taken lightly...I'm an old "chronic" and this weed got me good and wired! After having a draw the other morning, I mowed the lawn and had a BBQ! LOL! Tight and sugary, light green buds with a sweet hashy taste...try it, you'll like it! :)

mani 2019-06-10 03:18:14

Awesome day smoke but potent. This is no joke. Super creative and would actually pick me up out of exhaustion rather than lock me down. I would rank this and Bruce Banner as top notch. I would make this my number one smoke if there weren't so many to try. I like strong and potent shit. Take that into consideration. And on a side note, cheebas rocks for quality products and customer service!!!!! I'm in Ontario with many options but the boys at cheebas have NEVER let me down! Mad respect gentleman.

Supernatural1971 2019-02-18 01:55:02

Disclaimer this is 4 Great white shark ( Jaws) lol as I rec. this plus 2g more makes up! Great customer service! caring 10! all communication packaging honest weights products delivery date Superbly ran! Cheebas shud run the weed hash industry in Canada! IMO only Mom I go 2 after using 8 others ps Cheebas never says Boveda Pack required or smells like Pickles Cheebas #1!!! Primo weed The best! quad aaaa Price matches the quality! Customer 4 life! trying get others on board! GWS awesome luved it!! mite fish in some more net it in... I ordered 48 different products so 1 oos sold out more then reasonable 2 b xpected only A- hole wud complain! plus I gained! GWS effect 9 scent 8.5 smokes 10 Buy again recommend! put me in the mood chomp chomp I tried this 2015 black market small buds fishy taste This is superior! Even gave me appreciated sorry note + lighter on $430 order! Honda and Bell don't treat me this well KFC does lol I will kiss snow white another day!Been bit by White widow lots Very happy 0 worries ty!

Matt Hooper 2019-02-05 02:32:19

You're gonna need a bigger boat.... Great bag appeal, smells great. Nice crystal gladden buds and clean white ash. Buzz is really upbeat and happy, so great for the day time!