Lunar Relief 20:1 CBD & THC Tincture

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Product Description

Lunar Relief by Kootenay Labs

This is a specially formulated tincture designed for monthly support for menstrual pain, discomfort, cramping, and the weight of existence.

The more people we introduce this too the more we hear these people really understand who their customers are.

In the bottle.

600mg CBD | 30mg THC

Organic MCT oil, THC distillate, CBD distillate, Cramp Bark, Skullcap, Wild Yam, Natural Flavours





Nate 2022-01-11 07:23:19

I guess I was expecting this to be similar to oils I've purchased but it is incredibly strong tasting, the feeling is similar to using an alcohol-based mouthwash and it leaves a repugnant aftertaste. I'm a man so I can't tell you if it helps with your period.