Lost Tribe


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Product Description

Lost Tribe - Balanced Hybrid

The Sativa side of this comes on almost instantly, giving off a cerebral hit that lifts your mind into happiness and calm. Worry, and stress evaporates. The body is next to follow with the physical reaction that matches the mind, this is very relaxing and a treat for after work. Lost Tribe is potent and getting too stoned is a thing.

The bud has an earthy spicy pepper note of pine on the aroma and a very pleasant exhale. People talk about the THC being as high as 35%, there is no lab test on this batch but it punches hard, don't concern yourself with the percentage of THC, this will not disappoint.



Shawn 2022-06-30 01:48:57

This shit surprised the shit out of me definitely a tasty as hell heavy hitter smoke it and it send you into a nice enjoyable evening buzz. This weed truly leaves a beautiful after taste in your mouth after smoking it. Ty love it to hard to choose which I like the most between all the one I bought this time. Miracle alien, lost tribe, and LA confidential all 3 of those or bomb bomb ass weed love the fact that I have proper containers to keep all of my green fresh for years really no jk it's called cvault. Recommend to everyone as a container!