Kush Mint Full Melt Hash

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Product Description

Kush Mint Full Melt

A cross of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints this is a balanced hybrid known for deep relaxation. This option of full our melt options is a little harder, it snaps when bent and has an almost sift like quality to it, not as sticky as or soft as Jet fuel

The aroma is a diesel mint pine with a beautiful spice to it. The sharp mint is fresh and can trick you into thinking this is an easy-going smoke but this hit mind and body quickly with a heavy high. The process maximizes the THC trichomes and utilizes them in the hash-making process to capture the aroma- full melt hash seems to have the best smell of any variety of hash.


Feeling sore? Love hash? If yes, then you’ve found your new favourite strain! Kush Mints is a hybrid strain that helps ease chronic pain without being a total couch-locker. As if hash doesn't provide enough physical relaxtion, this Kush Mints batch is the cure to what ailes you!



Uncle Bingo 2024-01-25 11:12:18

Very good. A little less potent than previous kush mint but long lasting & satisfying.

mitch 2022-11-02 06:41:50

FUUUUUCK EEESTI qu'il était BON !!!! 4.9 étoiles sur 5

kl 2022-04-19 01:14:05

Fantastic in a pipe and very potent. Taste is quite smooth, not much in the way flavour but if you like the strain you'll like this. More towards the spice and smoother hash taste than pine or earth. Hits hard with a great clear-headed indica high, It's great for weekend afternoons or before dinner. Out of the fullmelts this one lights the best in a pipe and is the easiest to get going. Will say, it's not that great in a dab rig. The flavour is good on it if you get it going though, sweet pine and a mild earthy hashish taste, but it doesn't melt well, I wasn't able to get full extraction, and it can burn quite easily. If you want to try, a small amount broken into small balls works best in my experience and I highly suggest keeping the residue for the rest of the potency. All in all a fantastic product

Gonzo 2022-03-29 01:28:38

Very nice quality product. High end hash. Recommended..

wildbill 2022-03-28 12:31:30

powerful indica, wow

Squiddo 2022-03-05 09:35:46

Showroom hash! The chunk had two dark sharp edges and the rest was golden beauty, just like in the picture. Strong kush aroma and wonderful taste. Smells like GSC. Harsher then other full melts. Very potent.

Mark 2022-02-10 10:16:53

Another high quality stuff so impress about the smell the taste AND THE BUZZ .. so perfect i use hash since 30 years and today CHEEBAS YOU MAKE MY DAY and my buzz thanks