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Product Description

BC made Hash For Sale at a Great Price- Gold Seal Quality!

Today, extracts are so popular, yet everyone seems to forget hash was the OG of marijuana concentrates. It's the Jordan before LeBron. Looking for a body numbing high to numb pain? Smoke hash. Want a concentrate that is solvent free? Hash, son!

The current stamp is the Mercedes hash...it's BC-made, all bud run...the best value for hash online

This Gold Seal hash is bangin'! I know the Moroccan stuff is Hall of Fame caliber, but this stuff does the trick just fine ;)

Try Gold Seal hash if you want great hash at a low price, you won't find better hash for the buck anywhere else! Smoke it and tell me I'm wrong... 




Tilen 2021-03-24 10:16:24

Amazing as always!!

Old hash guy 2020-09-18 09:23:46

Great value again.. Keep the faith and keep it safe

King randy 2020-07-06 09:52:43

Love this product, not happy about this price keeps going up but love the product

Brad 2020-07-01 02:04:30

Amazing service product is 100 % consistent every time Awesome product and I’ve been smoking hash for 37 yrs.

Debra Davis 2020-05-07 08:09:36

Wow, love this Hash. Highly recommended

Cupcake5283 2020-04-04 09:23:38

Ok for the $ nothing here beats it. It just an old school black hash that we got back in the 80's. It was that or blonde Lebanese. again I'm only telling you what the dealers called or said about it. I think its $5gram when you purchase by the z here. Shame they took down the listing for the pound. Looks like you can only buy 1.2 lb now. . Up till a week or two ago you could buy a pound of this here for $1900 as I recall. That was like $4.25/gram!!! Im a smoker not a re-seller but sheeeeit even I bought a L once or twice. To me it was like having a diverse portfolio. You know some $ is gas stocks, some $ in gold etc. Anyhow solid, standard black ass hash. Loook if you want a lot of choices, NOBODY comes close to Cheebas in the hash department. So yah Im a good customer. I give a good 75% of it away to customers of mine mostly as "swag". But there is obviously a large market of folks that want to know the lineage of the hash The exact region, whether it was abdul or sharif that actually did the pressing.