HOG Extracts (House of Glass)

House of Glass (HOG) is a Vancouver based producer of the finest pharmaceutical grade shatter at 75-90% THC. Through an extended distillation process, curing and vacuum purging, HOG eliminates all residual solvent and maximizes purity. This ensures a clean experience and a healthier alternative to smoking. House of Glass has upheld a commitment to quality and matchless expertise in the creation of concentrates.

HOG’s shatter is highly concentrated meaning you only need a small amount in order to feel the effects. It is recommended, for first time users, to go easy as the intensity of HOG shatter could be too intense for first time users.

Why Do We Love HOG?

-Healthier alternative to smoking

-Highly concentrated

-Great aroma

-Amazing choice of flavors

-Almost no residue

Here at Cheebas, we carry one hell of a variety of HOG Shatter. You'll want to give em' all a try before figuring out which you love the most. Shop online!