HIGHDOSE 1000mg Assorted Gummies


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Product Description

Potluck Highdose Gummies

High Dose gummies at 1000mg are serious stuff, seems like you need a couple of friends and share this bad boy. Sharing is caring, but optional, depending on how brave you are.

Warning High Dose: 1000mg

Blue Raspberry | Tangerine | Tropical Punch



trailman 2020-09-23 11:32:54

Came as a single piece gummy with 3 ends, i bit off 25 % in which is around 250 mg and my bike ride lasted 4 hours of pure delight. 250mg is a lot but for gummies but its not as strong as chocolate in which i would have stayed in the 100mg range. In other words these gummies are high grade good stuff...i do recommend. Thanks Cheebas.