Grape Cake


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Product Description

Grape Cake is an Indica-leaning hybrid 70% / 30% created by crossing Grape Stomper with Cherry Pie and Wedding Cake. Right off the bat you know it is super delicious and offers a long-lasting high. Enjoy a spicy, sweet diesel exhale and a similar aroma.

The high takes a little to settle in but when it does creativity and focus hit the head and then move to the body. This offers a high level of potency but is not overly sedative. The buds are light and spongy. Top-notch bud from a long-time craft grower.



roadkingboy 2022-10-12 07:51:08

Just got my order in , the Grape Cake is outstanding , smell 9.7 nice tight sticky bugs pale green with lots of sparkly white frost , doing a reorder right now thankyou so much Cheebas , buy some now while it last peoples !