GMO Cookies by Tegridy Farms

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Product Description

GMO Cookies by Tegridy Farms

Another home run from the team at Tegridy Farms. We have 4 new offerings for our hash lovers and best of all some amazing new strains to tempt you. This batch takes us back to the OG days, I guess the whole team is back together because this is black-gold heaven. Sticky and aromatic, flavourful and potent in both indica and sativa options.

The GMO Cookies strain offers an extraordinary high that lasts for hours and induces deep, tranquil sleep. It provides a complete sense of relaxation and elevation, delivering highly sedative effects that encompass the mind and body. With a potent THC level averaging 20-24%, GMO Cookies is highly regarded for its therapeutic benefits. It is particularly beneficial for alleviating chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic stress.



Amenokal 2024-04-21 12:55:59

Quality product… Malleable… Flavourful… hybrid but to overindulge as you will feel sleepy… Not easily impressed but this is a solid product… the high is pleasant and smooth…

Captain Smog 2024-02-22 05:34:16

I’m usually not a fan of the GMO Cookies strain but the reviews on this one made me try it anyway. I can say it was a very clever move ; I’ve tested around 20 hash from Tegridy and this one is by far my favourite to date! The creamy texture is incredible, it bubble a lot when heat is applied and the taste is heavenly. It’s a solid product!

Uncle Bingo 2024-01-25 07:41:09

Looks nice, smells nice, taste nice and feels nice. Any questions?

Louisdaddy 2023-09-28 06:58:14

Man if you want great smelling hash gmo cookies is without a doubt top shelf. sticky beige colour when opened up, this strain is packed with terpenes, soft enough to work with but not to much to stick everywhere. Tegridy stepped up their game with this one!