GDP X Bruce Banner


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Product Description

Grand Daddy Purple X Bruce Banner has a lot going on. Bruce Banner is the Hulk's alter ego, he is the calm relaxed chill guy and this weed is known for high levels of THC that will chill the Monster in you.

OG Kush X Strawberry Diesel are the parents of the hybrid. As with top shelf parents, you can really feel both strains at work. The high comes on quick and is a mentally soaring rush. The full-body mellow screams India and is the perfect thing to smoke for sore muscles and joints.

Add now the GDP to the bud and you will be left with the famous flavour you get from GDP, two indica dominant hybrids and a cerebral rush with mild psychedelic effects that wash over you as deep relaxaton and sense of peace set in.






Supernatural777 2020-11-23 01:26:21

Purple Urkle big bud strawberry diesel of... Awesome scent, taste with a great experience! Recommend price nice on power hybrid smoke potent inhale cough exhale 9.21 all boxes