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G code (sativa dominant variant) originated in the bay area of california. The true lineage of the strain is a bit of a mystery but most agree that this flower is a cross of an unknown sativa strain used for research and breeding purposes and Purple Gorilla. This pheno is also known as purple g code although we haven't seen any real purple in these buds as of yet.



Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 02:36:00

star update

Supernatural1971 2019-03-14 01:30:08

I felt California Redhead sativa 18% THC x San Andreas 19% THC Felt 0 Purple unique taste! High marks takes 1g make spliff but high is strong & present. Taste redwood 9 pricey yet rare burns 9 I just reviewed 28 different strains of weed & 5 Hashes = Score 32 5*+ & 3 4*+ Great job on an order that sure made u Cringe! lol They got it complete & accurate 0 changes perfect weights, 33 different items, unheard of! A1 Job Cheebas! Wait till I order all 10 flavs of gold seal. Pls bring back Rolex weed, Madonna, Monster, Bentley XXX Cali shatter PRE-Rolls WTF Kush DISCLAIMER: I review for pure appreciation of quality meds. Want too keep this great thing going! I broke Kay Fabe lol till next order my prettys