3.5g Full Melt White Truffle

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

3.5g of Full Melt White Tuffle hash

White Truffle is an Indica-leaning hybrid with a bit of a mysterious origin. Let's stick to what we know. The bud is beautiful and covered in trichomes, bursting with color, and is considered a top strain, and not to be missed if you can find it. This quick-hitting head high makes the smoker happy and energized with a calm mind and a completely relaxed stress-free body. The aroma is an earthy, noticeably fresh citrus kick. Very pleasant.

The effects last a long time, consider letting some time pass before going back for more.

This is a potent terpene-rich hash made from an extraction that focuses on the best part of the plant by grabbing the trichome heads that are full of THC and terpenes. To make this you need to start with a very high-quality material, where the best of the plant is used to produce an exceptional cannabis experience.

There has been a few mostly melt options lately, those were hard and brittle in texture, and these are sticky, soft easy to snake. Gooey.





Paul Snelgrove 2024-01-15 10:30:26

Page isht big enough to tell the chef he's the man bro hook me up with ur recipe I got all the gear best buds cones out brown sugar looking urs pure gold I'm kneeling to a hadh master

Bruno 2023-09-26 05:40:12

best full melt high, smell, and taste

Louisdaddy 2023-09-25 11:23:57

When cheebas say its part of a rare collection, they mean it! Best full melt out of the last line up! High,smell,taste are all perfect! Love it