3.5g Full Melt Blackberry Kush Mints

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Product Description

3.5g of Blackberry Kush Mints

Blackberry Kush Mints Full Melt is part of a rare collection we bring in from a true artisan hash maker. Soft, and sticky with an inviting terpene-rich aroma is magical. These are small batches, small, and loved for a reason. They will not last long.

Blackberry Kush Mints is a pure Indica strain, incredibly potent, and smoking too much of it is very easy to do. It has a very strong kush aroma that is smooth-sweet and heady. But it is not as pungent as you would expect it to be. As for the taste, it tastes a lot like it smells. There is a pretty good reason why it is known as Blackberry Kush, it does have a berry taste to it after all, and boasts aromas of a combination of earthy gas followed by slight notes of sweetness.

So what does this mean, Full Melt?

Full melt is an extraction that focuses on the best part of the plant by grabbing the trichome heads that are full of THC and terpenes. The fact is to make this you need to start with a very high-quality material, where the best of the plant is used to produce an exceptional cannabis experience.

Narcotic in its effects, this is a potent hard-hitting experience with strong body and mind effects.




Paul Snelgrove 2024-01-15 10:29:55

I only wish I had lots of loot when these were on sale 40 a half quarter my friebds thats a steal for this products 60 good deal but I woulda bought pounds at 300 oz

hasman41 2023-12-16 10:36:40

Very excited to see the quality of this cheebas hash yummiam

Bruno 2023-09-26 05:40:09

top shelf stuff, love this hash

Louisdaddy 2023-09-25 11:24:03

Awesome hash! Sticky oily soft heaven hash!! Really top shelf stuff!!! Hurry up before its gone!