Frosted Gelato Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash

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Product Description

Frosted Gelato Bubble Hash

This is the best of two worlds. Frosted Gelato is a loved to go to Sativa dominant weed known the world over for its strong cerebral and mental energy effects. Then the best of the plant is stripped out in an ice bath, flash frozen, and screen sifted so there is no plant material just the delicious trichomes. Then finally made into to concentrated hash. How can you go wrong?

This is a dry crumble. The aroma and high are intense. The easiest hash possible to supercharge your joints or whatever you smoke. If you have smoked the Frosted Gelato strain it is this on steroids. This will creep over your body, leaving you motivated and ready to tackle anything on your to do-list with focus and ease. A relaxing body high and sharp pang of hunger accompany this heady lift, keeping you anchored and ravenously hungry.