Durban Cookies


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Product Description

Durban Cookies = Durban Grape + Girl Scout Cookies

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Durban Cookies is a new Sativa hybrid in at Cheebas we are happy to bring to you.  This great blend of Durban Poison and Girl Scout cookies is invigorating for mental energy and gives off powerful pain relief and deep body buzz.  Mid-level THC and uplifting qualities make it a great smoke for experienced and amateurs alike and great for smoking throughout the day to bring pain relief and clarity.

This is rare to come by... enjoy today.  

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LuckLap 2020-04-28 11:15:04

Hello, hi, konnichiwa, woof, meow. Cannabis Durban Cookie achieve ultra leverage into the task of speaking of a very dank type of languages into my body infusion captivity. Excellent at bringing back dying people to the solar realm.

Anno 2020-03-30 02:36:42

I've been looking for a great weed to smoke during the day and this was amazing. Got things done around the house and made my shoulder pain disappear. First order with Cheebas and I'm impressed. Fast shipping, pro packaging. Ill be shopping with them again.

Hughie 2021-02-15 02:14:02

Dense buds, especially for a sativa. Aroma is muted, almost chemical . Lots of trichomes, moderate trim. Big grape note on the first inhale and then a smooth slightly tobacco flavor on the exhale. Works quickly to provide an energetic spark, mellows out to relaxed mild euphoria after an hour or so.

Acal57 2020-12-14 01:24:10

Beauty Strain. Everything you want in a sativa. Looking forward to ordering more.