Chiesel Hybrid


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Product Description

Chiesel Strain For Sale at Cheeba's

 Cheese x Diesel = a fun new strain!

This batch has that danky smell exclusive to Cheese. The high is a euphoric and focused sativa-esque experience. You'll be able to do work, art, or just function while smoking Chiesel.

This clear-headed Sativa is a perfect strain to unwind after a long day. The burnout is fair, but gradual. Expect a good night sleep after a couple relaxed, fun hours.

The high is not overwhelming, it's even and tameable all the way through.

The buds are light and fluffy- you'll be amazed at the volume in a 7g bag. Orange hairs cover the flower, as does a frosty coating. Great looking and smelling...almost too nice to burn.





Daniel Bolanos 2020-04-27 06:18:49

Amazing buds and smell! The high is very good, hits you in a few and for I am able to smoke during day and operate....

Sharar Yeaz 2018-12-31 01:17:15

I highly recomend this strain to everybody. This will not make you feel lazy and stick to your couch or bed! Smoke is not very dense but okay and leaves a fruty/flowery taste after exhaling smoke from a regular bong hit. I could almost feel the high immiditely and felt it at the back of the head, slowly coming to the front of the head and spreading all over the head. Its a good experience overall! I can do all my regualar chores smoking Chiesel.