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Product Description

Frosted Cherry Cookies at Cheebas

This is an amazing batch. Never been on our shelves before and there is not much inventory,  so enjoy this delicious powerhouse of a strain before it's gone. The strain comes from the crossing of Cherry Cookies x The White Strains and each beautiful bud is packed with high levels of THC, we are talking 27-29% on average. The high is not to be fooled with. It comes on fast with a kick of euphoria from the 30% Sativa found in this strain then you begin to relax. Your body will melt but you're not couch-locked at all.

The aroma is a sweet citrus berry with herb and earthy darkness. So rich in flavor and aroma. Punches like a mule and beautiful to look at.



Shawn 2022-05-25 10:33:57

Really nice weed can't get any better plus I do have to say any of the stuff I got in a can even tho some of them say 18 % 19 % but the hits you like a freight train just knocks you and so delicious ty so much I found my new love for flower when it this nice you can't go wrong

Heavy smoker 2022-03-28 12:32:57

WORTH THE PRICE 5⭐️ Product try it!!!