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Product Description

Cheese is a balanced hybrid that has a distinct sharp cheesy aroma, Said to have a skunk parent with another unknown strain cheese was orginally developed in the UK and has many phenotypes. The high starts in the head and then gradually drifts to the body. This one is perfect for an mid afternoon session and doesn't seem to have massive couch locking potential.





Mochi 2020-10-27 07:01:12

Oh cheese.. this is a fave. Amazingly chill strain. You feel it literally melt down from the top of your head, like cheese. Great for daytime use and no anxiety at all.

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:43:04

Nice mid=afternoon sesh! looks 9.3 Scent string & pungent 7.77 Effects 8,4 Nice relaxed but uppity. 0 side effects says its 20.4% THC 60/40 IND Dom Cheese hybrid x with blueberry & raspberry Kush, pineapple OG & WW