Captains Pink 7g Sativa Herban Legends


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Product Description

Captain’s Pink from Herban Legend.

This is an Indica heavy hybrid derived by crossing Snowcap with Pink OG.  The bulbous flowers are quite dense with a mix of light and standard greens with hints of purple.  There is a noticeable layer of crystals on the buds mixed with deep orange pistils.  Captain’s Pink has a strong kush-like gassy smell with some vanilla and sweet odors that emanate once the buds are broken apart. 

With use, Captain’s Pink releases an initial earthy flavor profile mixed with a nutty aspect with further examination revealing a tail-end hit of fruitiness and spice.  The high is a creeper but builds to an unfocused blast of euphoria with a feeling of relaxation and heavy limbs. 

This is strain more suited to just lying around and taking it easy.

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