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Product Description

Buy Medicinal Marijuana Suppositories Online in Canada!

Cannabis Suppository at Cheeba's

Looking for medical benefits of marijuana, but can't take them orally, or through smoking? There's another way...there's always another way.

Back door medicine does have its benefits. If you are looking for medicinal benefits of marijuana but do not want to get high, then cannabis suppositories might be for you. They help a variety of ailments- colon cancer, liver cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, among a host of other serious illnesses.  Cannabis can be an effective part of a medical plan to become healthy again, however you take it.

Suppositories will not get you high. By entering the body this way, the cannabis is absorbed in the bloodstream through the cell walls, and distributed through the body via the vascular system. The liver is bypassed, and it is the liver than is responsible for processing the plant material to get you high.

The percentage of medicine available to the user of suppositories is much great than the traditional methods. 70% uptake availability with suppositories, 30% with edibles and tinctures, 15% for smoking.



Kimberley 2021-07-12 03:10:08

Awesome quality for the price. Using 400 mg at a time has greatly reduced my fibromyalgia pain, and has been the most effective pain management tool I have found, since my diagnosis more than 5 years ago. It’s become part of my daily routine. For those wondering, the more you use this product, the easier it becomes to administer and function with it inserted. It does take some getting used to, but well worth it. Always happy to answer questions, if it helps others in their journey to less pain, & reclaiming their lives.

Don 2019-10-29 05:44:44

I recently began taking the 200mg suppositories in conjunction with RSO oil for 90 days to treat prostate cancer. I've taken 20 suppositories so far and the only complaint I have is the binding constipation that accompanies taking these suppositories with the the RSO oil. I had to adjust my diet and add a stool softener to compensate. I will update my progress taking the suppositories and RSO oil.