Canadas Best Derivatives

Canada’s Best Derivatives is a premier cannabis extracts and concentrates producer. Created by Canadians for Canadians for their daily supplement and overall health needs with an emphasis on medical grade quality cannabis. 

Canada’s Best Derivatives provides only most sought-after strains from the best North American growers. Their primary goal is quality and the high-end prestigious product, affordable price and focus on working with high standard producers.

Why Buy Canada’s Best Derivatives?

-Scientifically researched products

-Full body support

-Clean, easy smoking concentrate

-100% natural

-Supreme high-grade BC product

The Science Behind Canada’s Best Derivatives

Canada’s Best Derivatives’s single solvent shatter begins with only the highest quality nugs. By cryogenically freezing the products to below -30c, this process ensures our products get a great taste and stability by locking out water and other impurities. Our process reduces the need for secondary solvents or other chemistry tricks that can tamper with the products quality.

Buy Canada’s Best Derivatives At Cheeba’s

Canada Best Derivatives not only delivers quality and consistency in their product, it exceeds your expectations. Shop Canada’s Best Derivatives at Cheeba’s now for your quality BC bud today!