Cali Chrome


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Product Description

The buds of Cali Chrome themselves are beautiful. They're dense and covered in trichomes, with shades of green and purple that just pop. And the aroma is a sweet, and earthy with a hint of citrus that just makes you want to dive right in.

Cali Chrome is a sativa-dominant strain, which means it's perfect for daytime use. It'll give you a boost of energy and creativity, making it the perfect bud for a day at the beach or a hike in the mountains.

When you smoke Cali Chrome, you'll feel an almost immediate rush of euphoria. It's like a wave of happiness that washes over you, leaving you with a big ol' grin on your face. And that's just the beginning. As the high continues to build, you'll start to feel an intense focus and creativity. This is the kind of bud that'll help you tackle any project or task with ease.

And let's not forget about the physical effects. Cali Chrome has a gentle, relaxing body high that won't leave you couch-locked. Instead, it'll just make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. It's perfect for those who suffer from anxiety or stress, as it'll leave you feeling calm and centered.