Cactus X Mac


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Product Description

Cactus X Mac at Cheebas
THC: 14% - 20%
Another amazing strain from the shopping trip the boss just got back from. Small batch unique strain here for you.
The Mac side of this is also known as Miracle Aline Cookies a solid well-loved balanced hybrid. The cactus side is more interesting because it is a cross between Afghani Northern Lights and Mendo breath which is a heavy Indica but for some reason, this does not give off a debilitating couch lock.
These together are fantastic, the high comes on fast and smooth. A great evening choice when there's not much to do but and nowhere to go.




Supernatural1971 2020-07-07 01:16:56

17.77% THC on 7 strains in all 1 fluffy lime green bud! Rare & unheard of! Instantly feel great & hungry & every great thing about Weed! Potency cough in bong hit, smooth inhale then the power! The genetics are more important then THC content & this hybrid proves Higher % does not always mean stronger. Factor of course! Its all in the different Cannaboids witch we were born with receptors I accept