Chocolit NUGZ 50mg


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Product Description

Low-dose weed edibles that look just like the real thing! Check out chocolit nugz edibles for a new experience in fun! It looks like you should smoke them, but these are made from premium tempered chocolate and have a lower (still use with caution) 25mg THC dose per piece.

They look great and the high is on the gentle side but be careful not to overdo it. Perfect for the beginner edibles user.

Limited quantities on the low dose.

Check the drop-down menu for your flavor.

- Thin Mint

- Kush Caramel

- Chocolit Haze Hazelnut

2 x 25mg THC Nugz per canister.



Sometimes High 2021-01-23 12:59:23

These taste extraordinary! Every time I bring them out people actually think they're nugs lol.

Nanah 2020-08-24 09:29:50

so fun to eat these