Chocolit NUGZ 400mg Assorted Varieties


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Product Description

Look at these things- how many words you do need to read about them?

Chocolit Nugz are beautiful, delicious and potent weed edibles. Buy them now before they sell out! You may have seen unmedicated weed-looking edibles before, but now get them the way you want them! Full of THC!

Check the drop-down menu for your flavor.

- Thin Mint

- Kush Caramel

- Chocolit Haze Hazelnut

Chocolit is a new funky company with awesome edibles- their Nugz are realistic looking, packed with 200mg of THC per piece, and priced right.

2 x 200mg THC Nugz per canister. This one is bound to be a best-seller!



KAP 2023-10-08 10:43:46

Liked these. Great buzz taste was not too bad

Spark Dog 2021-07-15 09:25:25

Great Buz ,for a industrial user ate 1/2 of one perfect amount . Thanks , good thing I started chew on it other wise buddy would of twisted up , looks like good Maui flower .

Leahcim 2021-02-26 11:52:50

Scrumptidelicious!!! Very potent indeed. 1/3 of a cookie gives me a 3 to 4 hour buzz. Great for sharing!!!

Richard Cross 2021-02-18 08:36:18

As Joe mentioned, these things pack a hell of a punch. I have eaten 400mg of THC gummies before and this is WAY stronger. I missed a day of work because i underestimated the potency. Woke up and couldn't think about driving.... great great great buzz keeps going for hours!

redeyejedi 2020-10-02 10:48:33

Be careful they taste really, really good. I ate both then needed to go to the hardware store so I took the bicycle, locked it up and took a bus back home. Woke up the next morning and thought someone stole my bike. You can imagine my face when the day after I had to return the item I bought, finding my bike locked up. Don't remember taking it and spent half the day furious thinking someone stole the thing.

Todd 2020-09-12 01:53:56

Tastes amazing and is really cool looking! Then there is the high... these are very strong compared to other edibles I've tried at the same dosage. I'd say best bet is to eat about half of what you think you should so you're not completely knocked out. Normally I eat 100mg of Marys gummies and it gives me a great but manageable buzz, with this I ate 1/2 of one nug which is 100mg and it felt way stronger than Marys gummies. Proceed with caution on your dosing but have fun! Thanks Cheebas.

Joe D 2020-08-23 01:15:30

HMMM... BLEW My MIND. don't eat more than a dice size bit unless you want to be on the ground