Bullet Dodger


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Product Description

Bullet Dodger at Cheebas

Another excellent example of what happens when you know the right people cause in weed and life it's who you know.




Steve 2020-09-17 11:43:54

great smoke very relaxing will buy again

DeanW 2020-07-25 01:47:26

Another quality smoke!!! TY B.C.

Supernatural1971 2020-07-07 01:18:11

Bullet Dodger is a Biking/hiking trail of 3.1 miles in Coquitiam BC Trail must smell Gassy! This weed is how Leigh describes. very sweet space queen earthy Kush OG smooth smoke. Taste lingers, smokes 10 looks 9 Rare 10 Name 9 Effects 7.77 Feeling of well being, fun & content. Glad I know this #1 MOM site! Recommend & would buy a 7g again...& again! Enjoyable for all 70/30 IND Dom hybrid relaxing buzz! 23.33% THC TY Cheebas & cyclists for not taking it!

Leigh 2020-07-06 09:53:44

Holy Sh#t. This is the strain I was looking for. It's got an incredible aroma, flavor is a bit earthy but sweet. For me it was a nice mellow buzz that slowly puts you into the couch,