Buddha Hash Sativa

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Budhha Hash.

This hash straddles the line and could easily be in our Premium Domestic lineup. The Laughing Buddha stain is a strong leaning Sativa dominant hybrid known for its calm yet uplifting zen-like qualities. The hash has a rich spicy smokey quality to it and light notes of sweetness we just can't place. The hash is dense but will bend, easy to work with.

The flower comes in around 18% THC but once it's concentrated and crafted into hash it is special. The high comes on fast, very shortly you're very baked but not sleepy. The ability to focus on tasks is excellent. This is not forever though unless you're going back for more you'll come down in a very relaxed state, enjoy that, and head to bed.

New to our shelves we are happy to finally have this for our hash lovers.



Peter R Darrach 2021-08-10 06:37:48

keep it simple . this nails it. the hi comes on directly , and the taste in my years of hash smoking.perfect. the count looks good in size as your weight always is . this is right for hot knifes . I will save a few grams for the day old friends get hi around a stove again . now to go wash my Xb.hmm or paint the Moanin lisa!

hashman 2021-08-09 02:42:27

Very nice hash for the range of price..its not hard on the lung.its smooth with a nice taste ,the color of my piece (7gr) was perfect with good odor .the guys you makeit make a good job ....without any doubt 5 star

criss 2022-04-15 11:40:21

j'avais de plus grande attente envers le buddha mais pas ci mauvais

Snookerboy 2022-01-11 12:19:00

This hash very pleasant smoke, not harsh. Flavor profile quite good and buzz not overwhelming. I would purchase again, but only if $12 max.