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Product Description

Buy Animal Cookies Budder

Great Taste, Some of the Best Marijuana Concentrates


This budder is dank! You really get the terps out of it. I think budder is a lost hero; shatter got all the first round of attention, and now live resin seems to be all the rage. not to mention the crazy expensive stuff, but the usual level of concentrates, this one is great.

Similar to shatter, budder is an extract made with butane (BHO). The maker is a seasoned producer and their stuff has always been real, clean, and safe.While the THC content may not get as high as shatter, the terpene profile is full-spectrum. People missed the fact that this plant is so dynamic, other elements than THC may have a role in the psychoactive effects.

Let's not forget, we still don't know everything about cannabis- it isn't corn. So maybe we shouldn't squeeze too hard. Buy budder, it's some of the best!

Sampled by everyone here, and it rocked the rookie. The smell was pungent, like we opened a fresh harvest Ziplock. The waxy consistency makes dabbing easy. Huge advantage over shatter.

Buy budder if you are looking for a clean way to medicate yourself.