Bubble Gum


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Old school cannabis strain, this hybrid won many cannabis cup awards in the '90s. Some growers have kept the strain alive and this batch is a potent hybrid with a little Sativa lean that also has some powerful body stone capabilities. 

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Supernatural1971 2020-08-13 06:57:21

Had BG many x since 1996. It was a staple for the city I was living in. I try any product Cheebas has even if didn't like somewhere else 26 orders over 2+ years 300+ products Hash & weed = No issues! Most 5* (90%) products nothing less then 4* I rate them as the highest standards! Elite GOAT Best there is, Best there was & Best ever will b BG Tastes smooth sweet Bazoka Joe 8.8 smokes 9.3 Effects 7.77 Very happy, chill & stronger then other BG Most 13.33% THC This grow is better 1 bud 17.77% THC X with Rock* That would be a tasty nice 70 IND Dom hybrid all can enjoy! You wont cough & still Get off! Glad I smoked this again 90s+ strength weed! Grab a piece & chew (smoke) again nice scent after smoking! Relaxed creative Fun

Squiddo 2020-07-30 09:23:23

Good flavour ...got me nostalgic. Ordered some more.

DeanW 2020-04-22 11:31:36

Very nice !

Bob 2020-05-08 10:46:07

Not bad, had this strain before from other sources, not quite as flavourful as I was expecting, high lasts for about one hour, price is ok and weight was good, very happy with Cheebas so far, no complaints with their service.

AnonNB 2020-01-31 02:49:17

I used to grow this years ago, great strain... I can see why it won awards. Picked up a OZ and wasn't dispointed 8.5/10