Bubba Rock


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Product Description

a strain made famous in beautiful British Columbia this potent indica will start with a euphoric buzz and then ends with a heavy sleepy buzz.



Red 2020-02-19 01:14:47

Nice Indica for an evening smoke. Relaxing ! A few hits of this, and its time for a movie and a few munchie's. Bubba "Rocks".

Supernatural1971 2019-11-05 12:42:48

When euphoria & sleepy are your favorite effects then this bubba Rocks is it x with Rock lock or rock bud - sensai * 7.4 buzz looks 8.4 rare good Indica bud 9.4

Chris 2019-10-28 04:24:58

I give it a 7/10. With my high tolerance that means adequately effective. It does the job. No more, no less.