Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridge 1g - Sativa- Maui Wowie

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Product Description

Related to Hawaiian sativa strains, Brass Knuckles’ Mauicartridge will live up to it’s tropical reputation. This Sativa cart is best known for its tropical and earthy flavors with a citrus fruity aftertaste. Less energizing than most sativa strains, Maui has a floral aroma and tends to be head heavy and delivers a slow sensation that becomes more prominent with time.



Tian 2019-07-18 01:18:07

This is a great strain, I love the taste and I have purchased it a couple times. I have only once had an issue where the cartridge would not work. My pen would start then just immediately stop. I was confused and tried friends batteries but found that it was without a doubt the cartridge. I was able to empty it and still get use of the thc oil, but it wasn't without hassle. All in all I find this to be my favourite cartridges so far.