Brabus Hash

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Brabus Import Hash

Great quality hash with a spicy and peppery finish. Old-school hash.

Made from a strong Indica-leaning hybrid with top-level potency and terpene combinations. Once the trichomes are separated from the plant material and then the work of the master hash makers comes in to produce this thick and dense hash. 

The result is potent take no prisoners high that kicks like a mule. Going straight to your head leaves you floating, calm and happy it moves quickly throughout your body. Tingley and snacky and laughing lead pretty quickly to a nap if you go too hard. Waking up and heading to the fridge cause you forgot you ate 30 minutes ago kinda high. Lots of fun even alone on the sofa.



oranges57 2023-05-27 08:55:15

A very potent but nice product. A small amount in a pipe will do you for a long time.

Uncle Bingo 2023-08-08 11:06:41

This one is a tad too smooth for me. On the plus side this discrete mellowness lasted longer than average.